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PINEAPPLE COCONUT: Take your taste buds on a much needed break with our pineapple glazed 100% Hawaiian macadamia nuts, dusted with a bit of coconut.

Ingredients:Hawaiian Macadamia Nuts, Pineapple Sugar (Maui Natural Cane Sugar), Natural Pineapple (Pineapple, Natural Cane Sugar, Citric Acid), Unsweetened Coconut, Pure Pineapple Extract (Alcohol, Water, Natural Flavors), Liquid Egg Whites, Sea Salt

LILIKOI: Our 100% Hawaiian macadamia nuts are combined with the Big Island's fresh lilikoi (passion fruit) juice to give a subtle sweetness, a true taste of Hawaii.

Ingredients:Hawaiian Macadamia Nuts, Sugar, Liquid Egg Whites, Lilikoi Juice, Sea Salt

HAWAIIAN HONEY: Honey harvested from Big Island bees coats our 100% Hawaiian macadamia nuts for a perfectly sweet treat.

Ingredients:Hawaiian Macadamia Nuts, Turbinado Maui Brown Cane Sugar, Big Island Bees Honey, Water, Sea Salt

SEA SALT: The perfect amount of sea salt enhances our already amazing 100% Hawaiian macadamia nuts.

Ingredients:Hawaiian Macadamia Nuts, Hawaiian Macadamia Nut Oil, Sea Salt

CHILI SPICED: Our 100% Hawaiian macadamia nuts have the perfect combination of surprisingly sweet followed by a subtle kick of mild chili spice.

COFFEE LIQUEUR: 100% Hawaiian macadamia nuts covered in coffee flavored liqueur and sprinkled with Hamakua Dark Roast Coffee is a coffee lover's dream.

ROASTED: Enjoy the smooth, buttery flavor of our pure 100% Hawaiian roasted macadamia nuts, with nothing else added.

MAUI ONION GARLIC: Indulge in the delectable sweetness of fresh squeezed Maui onions and a bold pop of garlic, the perfect combo added to our 100% Hawaiian macadamia nuts.

Maui onions have a unique sweetness because of the lack of sulfur that gives most other onions their sharp taste. Add savory garlic and you get a mac nut that pairs perfectly with your favorite after work beverage!

Ahualoa Family Farm: MACADAMIA NUTS

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