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Drawn from the cleanest sea on earth, this subtle salt contains the clarity and flavors of pureness and delicacy. Traditional and classic, this mix of medium and fine-grained sea salt is perfect for the cooking and finishing of every dish.

Ingredients: Solar evaporated sea salt



Originating when salt was harvested from Red Alaea clay pans leaving traces of the valuable minerals on the salt. Then more of the highly prized clay was added to this salt proving invaluable in many Hawaiian uses. Delicious and flavorful it is ideal for fish, pork and fresh vegetables.

Ingredients: Solar evaporated sea salt, Red Alaea



Dedicated to the dramatic volcanic expression of newly created black sand beaches, this glorious salt is dark and sexy. Elegant in flavor and presentation it provides the right accompaniment for grilled meats, crusted fish and salads.

Ingredients: Solar evaporated sea salt, activated charcoal



Full bodied, complex aromas and red wine flavor lend this fine blended salt as the perfect “secret” ingredient in a wide array of dishes. Delight your palate and enjoy the smooth finish.

Ingredients: Solar evaporated sea salt, Cabernet (0% alcohol)



Aromatic, enchanting and elegant. The intricacy of this blend offers intrigue and lusciousness in salads, pastas and complex sauces.

Ingredients: Solar evaporated sea salt, Balsamic vinegar of Modena (wine grapes)



Softly touched with the earthiness of the Hawaiian mineral-rich clay as if harvested from Red Alaea lined salt pans. It is best known for complimenting smoked dishes, fish and pork.

Ingredients: Solar evaporated sea salt, Red Alaea



Gentle, mild and emanating the warmth from the volcanic core of the earth; this silky and complex flavor is stylish and rich. Distinguish your favorite dishes with the intoxicating finish of this intriguing blend.

Ingredients: Solar evaporated sea salt, activated charcoal, Red Alaea



This salt is on fire! We’ve heated up our original Hawaiian Traditional Black Lava with organic Cayenne Pepper (75,000 Heat Units). Then we flecked it with sizzling embers of organic Chili Pepper flakes. Use your imagination and zip up your usual dishes with a touch of smoldering fire. Hot Black Lava adds warmth to meat, poultry, fish, rice, potatoes and vegetables.

Ingredients: Solar evaporated sea salt, activated charcoal, organic cayenne pepper & chili flakes



Two flavors that truly compliment and complete each other. This sweet salt can be added to your favorite recipes for perfect enhancement. Great for all types and styles of cooking. Also use it in prepping your veggies and meats and ringing the rim of your favorite beverages.

Ingredients: Solar evaporated sea salt, C & H Pure Cane Washed Raw Sugar



Solar evaporated & purified, this Limited Edition gourmet sea salt
is smoked in small batches for 12 hours with native kiawe wood.
Use with meats, fish & vegetables for a natural salty smoked flavor.

Pacifica Hawaii Gourmet Salts

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