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  • t packages of cuttings. Each package contains two (2) cuttings…

    • C-2 package contains one (1) red and one (1) green cutting

    • G-2 package contains two (2) green cuttings

    • R-2 package contains two (2) red cuttings

  • Cuttings are 3 inches in length

  • You get one (1) well rooted, Hawaiian ti plant in a 2 inch starter pot. You choose the color!

  • Each plant is about 10 – 12 inches tall

  • Both green and red ti make fantastic ornamental plants

    • Green ti leaves enjoy multiple uses in everyday Hawaiian life, from wrapping food for special cooking to hula skirts

  • Our ti plants are 100% Hawaiian. Grown and packaged in our Certified facilities on the Big Island of Hawaii. Nearly 40 years in business!

  • Ideal for USDA Plant Zones 10 – 12 when outdoors

  • Thrives indoors in ALL USDA PLANT ZONES!

Hawaiian Ti Leaf

  • Scrape off the wax from both ends of the log and position each log HORIZONTALLY - that is, you lay it on its side - (don't laugh, it's one of the most common questions we receive) in the potting soil. When you do this, bury the log down about 1/4 of the way, leaving the rest above the level of the soil. Keep it moist and in a partially shaded location until roots and leaves are produced.  Gradually move it into full sun.  Water daily, and if conditions are dry, water it morning and evening.  If the climate is too hot (above 85℉), the Ti will do better in partial shade.  If it variegated ti (the red-leaf variety), be careful because it will burn easily in open hot sun. Also, know that temperatures below 60℉ is a no, no!  A general garden fertilizer when used according to the instructions will do the job well, and the Ti should respond nicely.


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