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Indulge in the tropical delight of Hawaiian Sweets Salt Water Taffy, where every piece is a bite of paradise. Handcrafted with care and inspired by the vibrant flavors of Hawaii, our taffy brings the essence of the islands to your taste buds.


- **POG (Passion Orange Guava)**: A tropical trifecta that combines the tangy sweetness of passion fruit, the citrusy burst of orange, and the exotic juiciness of guava.

- **Pineapple**: Dive into the classic taste of Hawaii with our Pineapple taffy, bursting with the bright, refreshing flavor of sun-ripened pineapples.

- **Mango**: Experience the luscious, juicy taste of ripe mangoes, offering a perfect balance of sweetness and tropical goodness.

- **Banana**: A smooth and creamy delight, our Banana taffy captures the sweet, mellow flavor of freshly peeled bananas.

- **Hawaiian Mix**: Can't choose just one? Enjoy a delightful assortment of all our tropical flavors in the Hawaiian Mix, a perfect way to savor the diverse tastes of the islands.

Perfect for gifting, sharing, or indulging on your own, Hawaiian Sweets Salt Water Taffy is a sweet escape to the islands in every chewy, flavorful bite.

Hawaiian Sweets Salt Water Taffy

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