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  • You’ll get packages of the Hawaiian-grown Arundina bambusifolia

  • Each package contains two (2) bulbs/shoots of. Each shoot is about 4 inches long

  • This perennial evergreen plant produces beautiful purple throated flowers. Both the green stalk and leaves as well as the flowers can used as ornamentals to upgrade any arrangement. Plant the shoots in a small starter pot and watch it grow!

  • Authentically 100% Hawaiian. Propagated and grown in Hawaii and packaged in our certified nursery facilities on the Big Island of Hawaii. We have been doing this for nearly 40 years

  • Ideal for USDA Plant Zone 12 when outdoors

  • Thrives indoors in ALL USDA PLANT ZONES!

Hawaiian Bamboo Orchid

  • Plant the bulbs in potting soil. No need to get too fancy, the kind from your garden shop will do nicely. Start in the shade and when rooted, gradually move into full sun. Keep the temperature between 60℉ to 80℉. Keep the plant moist, and fertilize with a general garden fertilizer according to the instructions.

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