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  • paya trees are slender and can grow to over 20 feet in height when mature. Papaya fruit grow in clusters near the top of the tree and produces a sweet fruit

  • Authentically 100% Hawaiian. These papaya seeds are harvested from our own trees and packaged in our certified nursery facilities on the Big Island of Hawaii. We have been doing this for nearly 40 years

  • Ideal for USDA Plant Zone 10 - 11 when outdoors. Papaya grows well when in warm, steady climates and is sensitive to cold and frost

  • Thrives indoors in ALL USDA PLANT ZONES!

Hawaii's Papaya Fruit

  • Plant the papaya seeds 1/2" deep in sandy soil mixed with organic matter. Papaya's need good drainage so that the roots don't rot. Water it daily and don't let things dry out, especially when the papaya plant is young otherwise it will die. Try to keep it in a temperature range between 70℉ to 85℉. If the temperature gets to be over 85℉, then place it in the shade. A general garden fertilizer, utilized according to the manufacturer's instructions will help your papaya grow up healthy.

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