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Lilikoi, or more commonly known Passion Fruit, is a tropical fruit that is high in vitamin C and makes great juice or smoothies. Its tangy flavor resembles something between a peach and an apricot, but Lilikoi has a unique flavor all its own. This makes Lilikoi puree many chef’s popular choice when making sauces, marinades and desserts like Lilikoi cheesecake.

Lilikoi (Passionfruit) Seeds

  • The plant is a climbing vine that needs lots of sun and good fertile soil. Germinate seeds by planting them in small container with potting soil. Cover seeds with ½ in of soil. Seeds should sprout within 30 days. When seedlings are 8 in tall, transfer to larger pot with trellis and let the plant climb. This plant cannot take a freeze. Move indoors to sunny window before the first frost.

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