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  • This herbaceous evergreen perennial can get up to 6 feet tall when mature. When it blooms, you’ll be rewarded with spikes of fragrant flowers arranged in a conical pattern. Each small and delicate bloom within the cone will be a bright, buttery yellow, with red stamens

  • 100% Authentically Hawaiian, these are grown and packaged in our own facilities on the Big Island of Hawaii. Our nursery is certified and we’ve been in business for almost 40 years

  • Ideal for USDA Plant Zone 9 – 11 when outdoors

  • Thrives indoors in ALL USDA PLANT ZONES!

Hawaiian Kahili Ginger

  • Bury the root cutting deep enough to cover it. Use a potting soil mix from the garden shop and keep it moist. After the root has sprouted, continue to keep things moist and in partial shade.  We recommend an east-facing window. If you bought the growing plant, follow the same instructions as above.  If you put your kahili outdoors during the summer, make sure it's somewhere that's shaded from direct sun. Keep the temperature between 65℉ to 85℉, and fertilize your ginger with a timed-released fertilizer or garden fertilizer according to the instructions.  Kahili's go dormant in the winter but come back in the spring.

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